Active Shooter Response Training, Security, and Risk Mitigation Training
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Situational Awareness Training

In our Situational Awareness and Personal Defense class we focus on training the most important tool you have, your mind.
3-Hour Training course includes:
Defensive mindset
Situational awareness: how to spot potential danger
Thread identification: warning signs
Defense planning: dos and don'ts
Preparedness tools
Parking lot and garage best practices

Secure transportation

Transportation services are offered for a variety of different needs. Our most valuable assets are often our family members. Allow the team at Tac7 to drive your loved ones instead of using an untrusted car service or app. If you have the need to transport cash or other assets, we have the solution for you.
We transport:
For family and business needs
Assets to/from vaulting and storage facilities
Artwork, memorabilia, and collectibles

Personal & Family security

We provide tailored protection plans to fit your needs. The safety and security of your family is our top priority. The Tac7 team can assist in a wide variety of areas focused around keeping you and your family safer while at home as well as out in your local environment or while traveling. Solutions are catered specifically to your needs and your home/family.

Corporate security

The safety and security of your company is essential. The Tac7 team can assist in a wide variety of areas. Solutions are catered specifically to your company need.
Areas of consideration include but are not limited to:
Office/building security
Armed escorts and transportation
Safety while traveling domestically and abroad
Penetration testing
Active shooter response training
Risk, threat analysis and mitigation

Private investigation

Please contact us if you have special security and investigative needs.

Scenario-based training

We offer a variety of scenario based courses held at the Tac7 headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Check back for dates and times for upcoming courses.