Slide Learn How To Protect Your People With the Proper Tools Active shooter events are on the rise in the U.S.
If you aren’t providing your employees with the proper tools, training and resources, you are leaving them vulnerable to an attack. Learn how Tac7 can help keep your employees safe in the event of an attack.
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1 Prepare Our team of military and officers will evaluate and prepare your team in the event of an active shooter incident. 2 Educate Tac7 is also here to educate you about the proper defense strategies to survive an active shooter incident. 3 Train The cadre of trainers at Tac7 will give you the best training available for your management team and/or staff to survive an attack.

Slide Discover life saving tactics and strategies with our on-site training packages Our active shooter preparedness resources provide everything you need to build an active shooter workplace plan - from active shooter training exercises to expert communication strategies. Get started today!.
Half Day Training
4-6 hours Prelimiary visit to location Training specific to your office needs Run, Hide, Fight Plan Medical training and stop the bleeding training Contact Us Now
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Lunch Seminar
60-75 minutes Response planning Run, hide, fight tactics Basic Fundamnetals Basic stop-the-bleeding techniques Contact Us Now

Full Day Training
full or multi day Most elaborate training program Specific plans based on your building Rehersal training with Tac7 staff Trauma/medical class focused Contact Us Now
Don't see what you are looking for? Contact us. We create custom packages.

Slide Workplace Violence Training and It’s Importance Your Guide to Preventing Workplace Violence Corporate Team Building Events that Help Protect Your Employees Resources to further your Active Shooter Response Planning

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