We provide security & workplace violence training solutions

We are a boutique security firm specializing in the unique needs of private clients and families, as well as corporate training in active shooter response training and workplace violence. Tac7, located in Dallas, Texas, provides security solutions to clients through our diverse background of military, law enforcement, and private security experience. We utilize our vast array of expertise to provide a comprehensive approach to keeping you, your family, and your workplace safer.

Security Solutions for Your Business

Workplace Violence Training

This highly effective program builds employee and managerial awareness and ability when it comes to:

– Recognizing the potential for Workplace Violence at its earliest stages.

– Taking action when needed–whether that be early, preventive action, or decisive, life-saving action in response to a violent event.

Corporate Team Building & Training Events

Fun, Entertaining & Safe Team Building Courses. Learn basic active shooter response training, stop the bleeding techniques, and situational awareness. Your group will be coached by Tac7’s Veterans of Military and Special Operations, here to walk you through an exciting experience learning valuable life and team building skills!

Active Shooter Response Training

The cadre of trainers at Tac7 will give you the best training available for your management team and/or staff in the proper way to respond during an active shooter incident or violence in the workplace.

Risk Mitigation and Employee Engagement

Keeping your employees safe is vital. We offer custom packages to fit your corporate needs for risk mitigation, corporate security and employee engagement and awareness training.