35 assaults and 8 rapes occur every day in your city

Don't be one of the many individuals that find themselves in one of these terrible situations. The team at Tac7 can teach you how to avoid these threats and what to do if you find yourself involved in an attack. In one quick moment, a violent crime could change your life forever. Violent crimes include murder, robbery, rape and sexual assault. Physical harm is not all you risk; mental health issues are common after an attack, including, depression, anxiety, PTSD, personality disruptions, and addiction to potentially harmful substances.  Don't let yourself become a victim, get the proper training before something happens.

  • "This is wasn't a martial arts class, but I came away with some basic moves that even my husband respected."
  • " I learned that the mind is the most important tool or weapon I could have."
  • "After this class I really felt confident that I could better recognize a potentially threatening situation and defend myself if necessary."

Situational Awareness and Defense Training

Learn how to not be a victim by increasing your level of Situational Awareness.

What is Situational Awareness? It’s the act of being aware of your surroundings and recognizing potentially threatening environments and/or people. In our Situational Awareness and Personal Defense class we focus on training the most important tool you have, your mind. Mindset and awareness training will set the foundation for your defense training and is the first step in avoiding compromising situations.

3-Hour Training course $75 per person (12 participant minimum) Includes:

Defensive Mindset
Situational Awareness
How to spot potential danger
Threat Identification
Warning Signs
Defense Plan
Do's and Don'ts
Preparedness Tools
Parking lot and garage best practices