The need for specialist protection is escalating with physical attack and kidnapping becoming more common. At TAC7, we have highly trained and experienced personnel who can provide the level of protection required to keep you and your loved ones safe.

personal security and home protection plans

We provide tailored protection plans to fit your needs

The safety and security of your family is a top priority. The Tac7 team can assist in a wide variety of areas focused around keeping you and your family safer while at home as well as out in your local environment or while traveling. Solutions are catered specifically to your needs and your home/family.

Areas of consideration include but are not limited to:

Home defense planning (to include safe rooms and using/storing firearms in your home)
Situational awareness training for the entire family/all ages
Firearms training safety while traveling domestically and abroad
Private security during events, driving/security escorts
Disaster preparation and planning (bug-out planning)