Jeff served as a Green Beret with U.S. Army Special Forces, completing service in 2009. He was deployed multiple times to Iraq, and has excelled at completing various tactical shooting courses with both assault/tactical rifles and pistols.

A certified NRA Pistol Instructor and Training Counselor, Jeff has completed courses under world champion pistol shooters and has trained hundreds of civilians in use of a firearm. He previously served as the Director of Training and Lead Instructor for a shooting range in Denver, Colorado, where he developed and expanded the training division.

Throughout the country, Jeff has utilized his Army Special Forces experience to deliver tactical weapons handling techniques to civilians and law enforcement personnel. He has trained foreign military and police units and U.S. Special Forces units, as well as local and federal law enforcement personnel.

"We see shooters of extremely varied ability and levels of training, and we’ve designed the curriculum so that there’s something for everybody to take advantage of in just about every drill … as long as they come wanting to learn".


"More than any other single thing, the curriculum is trying to move students from the point where basics are still being “thought” to where they are more reflexive, more like muscle memory. This leaves more time for decision making and seeing a dangerous situation for what it really is, or as we say, “save time to make time.”

"Executive Director of NRA General Operations Josh Powell and NRA Carry Guard Lead Instructor Jeff Houston join Grant live on set at the NRA Carry Guard Expo to discuss the importance of personal protection and self-defense training.”

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"These drills cover a variety of skills that are important to practice: multiple-shot, rapid-fire engagements; trigger control; firing with primary hand only; and tactical reloads.”