Why Your Company Needs an Active Shooter Response Training Plan


45% of all active shooter incidents occur in places of business.

In 2017, there were 30 active shooter events in the United States. More and more companies are looking to get training from experienced professionals to help decrease the likelihood of an attack, loss of life during the attack, and the liability businesses may face after such an attack. Most, if not all, businesses have plans in place for emergencies such as fires or tornados, but many still have failed to fully realize that the threat of an active shooter is a dynamic and unique one that requires very specific planning to handle. Unlike the forces of nature, an active shooter attacks with a brain and intent. It is imperative that your business has an active shooter response plan.


Why We Created Active Shooter Training For Businesses

When it comes to having a security plan in place for an active shooter situation or violence in the workplace it must go beyond words on paper. Emergency plans must be created and physically practiced in order to prevent or counter an attack.


Why choose Tac7 for Your Active Shooter Training Program

The Tac7 approach is one that can adapt to the audience and serve the various working communities and ever-changing environments. Our team of experts come from diverse backgrounds in the military, law enforcement, and security sector, such as; U.S. Special Operations veterans, Department of Energy, SWAT, and Trauma/ER Doctor. We tailor solutions to fit your needs, and will get you the specialized subject matter experts to ensure the proper solution is delivered. Through this active shooter training, participants will gain knowledge that could help save their life in the event of an incident.

The threat of mass casualty incidents is growing, and your company may be at risk. It is imperative that companies across the country begin to plan for these threats just as commonly as they do with any other disaster. To find out more about our active shooter training packages click here. 


We will assess your current safety procedures and build a fully tailored training program for your office.


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